Morningstar Sunlight Regulator/lighting Controller – 12V, 10A 0

Morningstar Sunlight Regulator 12V 10A highlights:

  • Microcontroller Digital Accuracy
  • CE Approved
  • PV array
  • Temperature compensation
  • Sunsaver battery
  • Automatic operation
  • LVD protection
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Morningstar Sunlight Regulator/lighting Controller with 12 Volt and 10 Amps is a SunSaver design and improved microcontroller for mechanical lightning control duties – they connect with the HES LED fixtures. Advanced settings enable the light to work for a default number of hours – within sunset or until dawn. With its Low Voltage Disconnect, it controls the light that defends the batteries from draining.

It is also has a 10 field adjustable lighting control functions and PV array that determine whether it is day or night. Additionally, this series technology can serve up to fifteen-year life span with is superior efficiency as well as how friendly it is to use. 

This comes with four versions: 12 and 24 Volt with 10 & 20 amp ratings.

Morningstar Sunlight Regulator 12V 10A specifications:

  • 14.1 V sealed battery
  • 14.4 V flooded battery
  • 11.7 V load disconnect
  • 12.8 V LVD reconnect
  • -27 temp comp
  • 8 mA self-consumption
  • -40 to 85c operating temp
MorningStar Sunlight Regulator

Additional information

Weight 0.56 lbs
Dimensions 6.60 × 2.18 × 1.32 in
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