Midnite Solar Classic 250V MPPT Charge Controller 0

Classic 250V MPPT Charge Controller highlights:

  • Built-in Arc Fault Protection
  • RS232
  • Internet Ready
  • Wizard with voice
  • Charge up to 72 V
  • Battery temp sensor
  • 5 year warranty
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Classic 250V MPPT Charge Controller is the latest MPPT controller you can have that can charge up to 72 V using solar and wind/hydro power and comes with three standard models – the 150, 200, and 250 volts. This is also the first charge controller that has Arc Fault Detection that provides security and protection – plus, it is very easy to install. With its amp that reaches up to 96a, you won’t be needing different charge controllers for the off-grid solar energy application.

This can be installed with wizard voice prompts to provide information or instruction about climate program set up, breaker selection, wind turbine program selection, wire sizing, voltage drop calculation, PV array sizing and hook up, PV combiner selection, and battery hook up – you can even track the status online.

Classic 250V MPPT Charge Controller specifications:

  • 12-93 V battery charge
  • 52 A derrated current (40c)
  • 60A/12V max current output (25c)
  • 62A/24V max current output (25c)
  • 55A/48V max current output (25c)
  • 32mb data logging
  • 150-250 operating voltages
Classic Charge controller

Additional information

Weight 11.5 lbs
Dimensions 14.87 × 5.95 × 4.00 in
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