IOTA 25amp 24VDC Charger/Converter 0

IOTA 25amp 24VDC benefits and highlights:

  • UL Listed
  • Over Voltage 
  • Multi parts protection
  • Easy to find external fuses
  • Superior thermal design
  • Fan control
  • Battery types compatibility
  • Standard 2-year warranty
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IOTA 25amp 24VDC is the battery charger that offers the battery to sustain and deliver its full-rated when the power is getting low. It gives a maximum current for a period of time when the battery is stressed due to cell heating. DLS-25-X helps the current to fall down automatically when going to its full capacity – this is to provide a float-charge to protect from cells self-discharge. 

In the worst case of placing the DLS unit incorrectly, its converter/system supply is already defended from the damage – external parts can be easily found and replaced. Also, Proportional Fan Circuitry gives superior protection during heavy load situations as it will automatically activate the fan before the heat stress happens. 

All DLS models have top-rate durability and reliability. All models are also compatible with IQ4 Smart Control Technology.

IOTA 25amp 24VDC specifications:

  • 9.7 x 6.7 x 3.4 in (LxWxH) / 5lb
  • 25 A output amperage
  • >27.0 V full load DOV
  • 28.4 V bulk charge
  • 90 A output amperage
  • +/- 0.5% voltage tolerance no load
  • 12.2 ac current (108VAC)
  • 47-63Hz
IOTA 25amp

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 9.7 × 6.7 × 3.4 in
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