Solartech Power 55W Solar Module for 12V systems cUL, C1D2 0

55W Solar Module 12V highlights:

  • UL & IELC Listed
  • TUV Certified
  • 6″ multicrystalline cells
  • Anonized aluminum frame
  • 10 year mechanical warranty
  • 25 year power output warranty



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The 55W Solar Module for 12V comes with special elements – this module uses wiring connectors with MC-4 type that gives safe security when plugging with electrical connections. The solid appearance is excellent for remote homes, industrial and RV battery charging systems. With its high performance crystalline solar cells and with high charge current-voltage it can be used for 2 kinds of temperature, for summer and winter.

This solar panel can be set up as a landscape or portrait in your roof mounts as this offers a powerful and reliable solar system that can fight heavy wind pressure. 55W Solar Module is made out of unique solar cells and rugged anodized aluminum frames, its cells are combined to a special tempered solar glass for watertight integrity.

We give you the quality assurance, this is supported by a 10 year mechanical and 25-year power output warranty.

55W Solar Module 12V specifications:

  • 25.7” x 25.2” x 1.38” / 9.9lbs
  • 36-cell
  • +5% power tolerance
  • 22.1 voc
  • 18.18 vpm
  • 3.31 A isc
  • 3.1 A ipm
Solartech Power 55W Solar Module

Additional information

Weight 13.2 lbs
Dimensions 25.7 × 25.2 × 1.38 in
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