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Last week President Obama made a live commitment to solar inside a Walmart store in Mountain View, Calif. President Obama’s pledge to energy efficiency and climate change honored solar as a critical technology to positively impact the environment on a large scale.

The solar industry has grown tremendously over the last few years, gaining attention from leaders across the world. Recognized and supported by the President of the United States, the industry has gained a partner capable of influencing a nation.

According to the President, solar is a proven and cost-effective way to reduce carbon pollution and create jobs at the same time. In his speech, President Obama declared solar energy as a “win-win-win” for the environment, economy and job creation.

In conjunction with today’s speech, more than 300 companies made commitments to solar, including Walmart, Yahoo, Google, Apple, IKEA, Clif Bar and Kaiser Permanente—a remarkable feat for the entire industry.

Several executive actions have also been implemented to propagate the widespread adoption of solar and support the President’s initiative.

The Department of Energy has committed to expanding its program Solar Installer Training Network to supports solar-sector job training at community colleges. This expansion will help 50,000 workers enter the industry by 2020. The General Services Administration will also expand the federal government procurement of solar, providing innovative financing for solar deployment. This is the first step toward government-wide third party ownership as a mechanism for financing solar.

Solar is also back on the White House with a 6.3kW solar array that has officially gone live.

The commitments made will contribute to an additional 850MW of solar deployment.

Everyday, an Enphase System is installed—creating both jobs and a cleaner environment. But today, Enphase is especially proud to be part of President Obama’s commitment through our many partnerships and future projects.

With Soligent, a leader in providing equipment and services to solar installers, and CertainTeed, a building materials company, Enphase willsolarize 16,000 homes for a total of 81MW of energy over the next three years by providing roofers across the country with turnkey solar solutions.

It is the nation’s job to come together with other states, utility companies and large corporate influencers to, as President Obama said, “change the way we power our economy.” Enphase is committed to that change.

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