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As our co-founder and president Raina Russo talked about in her post on what to expect during a solar PV installation, there’s not a lot of legwork that goes into it from a customer’s perspective. We’ve broken it down into three easy steps so future solar customers can get ready for the big day when their electric meter will start running backwards and they’ll save about 30 percent (or more) on their electricity.

1. Get your free solar savings report from – This one is sort of a “no-brainer,” but it’s the very first step to a solar installation. Our solar savings report will provide you with the names and numbers of solar contractors in your area, so you can get the necessary estimates.

2. Meet with a few solar installers to find out if your home is a good fit for solar electricity, and choose the contractor who will complete your solar PV installation. – When a solar installer arrives at your home to provide your free estimate, he’ll use a tool called a solar pathfinder to estimate how much you’ll save with solar power and help you determine if it’s a good choice for your home. Don’t worry … even if your home’s roof doesn’t face south, or even if you think your home doesn’t get enough sunlight to take advantage of solar energy, you might be surprised!

When you’re selecting a contractor, don’t forget to ask about solar incentives, rebates, and leasing programs. Local solar installers are experts on the savings available in your municipality, and they’ll guide you through the necessary steps to get maximum savings and find the best way to pay for your solar PV installation that fits your budget.

3. That’s it! – With all this done, you’re ready for the big day. But there’s one more thing you may want to do as you get ready to enjoy solar savings: Begin to conserve energy around your home, too. Are all your appliances EnergyStar-rated? Is your home well-insulated so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work harder than it should? Do your family members turn off lights and electronics when they leave the room? Are wall-warts (AC adapters commonly found on today’s electronics) using unnecessary electricity?

Taking steps to conserve energy, in conjunction with your solar PV installation, will bring you closer to net zero, where all you pay is a connection fee to your electric company. With greater energy savings, you can pay off your solar array faster, and continuing enjoying 25 years or more of cost savings with your solar installation.

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