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Joining the others in a sudden burst of innovation on Apr. 1, Sony introduced its latest invention in fuel technology, Sony Power Foods.

Here is what Sony says about it:

Now, the same fuel we’ve used to power ourselves for thousands of years can be used to power personal electronics. At Sony, our challenge was to come up with a power source that could go with you anywhere without compromising your daily routine. Our engineers and culinary technicians have come up with a way to tap into the amazing energy of food. By creating an enzyme that enables the chemical energy of organic matter to be transferred directly into gadgets, we’re bringing about the next step in electronic evolution. Voltaic Enzyme.

And Sony Power Foods it isn’t just for techies and foodies. Everyone will love the tasty variety of charging options. From Crunchy Loops cereal to Sony’s Power Food Cake mix, you’re sure to be charged… in every bite.

Flexible power sources, uncompromising taste and most importantly, the freedom in portability we all deserve. The Sony Power Food line. Now available on April 1, 2014 at Sony Stores and Groceries need you.

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