Porsche’s 2013 Panamera S Hybrid 0

Porsche is all set to introduce the hyped-up plug-in hybrid edition of its Panamera series, the Panamera S Hybrid by mid next year. Featuring the same engine combination of Cayenne S Hybrid, the Panamera S Hybrid will be one of the best plug-in hybrid cars on highways after its introduction in 2013. It will hit market before the arrival of Porsche’s super green car, the 918 Spyder. Panamera S Hybrid is to expand the concept of plug-in hybrid into a new level thanks to many advanced features.

Panamera S Hybrid will have a plug-in feature that will allow the car to enjoy an electric range of up to 30 kms. Compared with the range of other regular hybrids, what the new Panamera can provide is a highly increased performance. The car will also excel its rivals in speed in electric mode as well. It will move up to 85 km per hour in electric mode, but it depends on the driving situation, though.

Panamera S Hybrid will mount a large lithium-ion battery to supply energy for its 34 kW (47 hp) electric motor. Its electric engine sits alongside a powerful three-liter V6 petrol compressor engine and an eight-speed transmission. The fuel engine of the vehicle provides a power of 333 hp (245 kW), which is boosted by the 34 kW electric motor. The maximum torque the combination of electric and gasoline engines provides for the Hybrid is up to 300 Nm, which is always available at speeds under 1,150 rpm for a immaculate performance.

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