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It is not the first time when PLN has taken an innovative step in developing renewable energy in order to increase the electrification number ratio as well as to reduce the need of fossil fuels. Utilizing the power of sun this time in the outer islands of Indonesia, it has build a Solar Power Center. Since Saturday the Morotai island community, district Morotai, Northern Maluku province can feel proud as they are enjoying the electricity generated from eco friendly power plants. These hybrid PLTS are the one with largest capacity of 600 kilo Watt peak (kWp), ever operated by PLN over the years.

According to Vickner Sinaga, Director of Operations Eastern Indonesia PLN, as well as the inaugurator of the PLTS Morotai operation, at present it is the largest Indonesian PLTS PLN ever operated that fits together the entire community with an expectation to achieve economic growth in Mortai Island district. On a daily average about 800 liters of fuel usage will be reduced by PLN due to the operating of this PLTS. Though throughout Indonesia, but especially in eastern Indonesia, PLN is still trying to improve and build electricity services by developing advanced power plants that use non fuel alternative energy.

Apart from this, by using solar power, PLN targets to make number of PLTS fully operational before Youth Pledge Day on 28 October, 2012 in 100 islands and 1000 islands by 2014 throughout Indonesia.

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