Plastikoleum Tower Uses Solar to Turn Waste Plastic into Oil

plastikoleum tower

Plastikoleum tower is designed to convert plastic waste back intoraw petroleum form so that it can be reused. The main idea for thistower comes from the Japanese inventor Akinori Ito who’s company BlestCorporation sells plastic converters that process waste plastic andconvert it to raw petroleum, from where it actually came from.

The device designed by Akinori Ita converts 1kg of plastic wastematerial into 1 liter of oil which can be further refined into gasoline, kerosene or diesel. But the only problem with this device is that itconsumes a lot of energy to convert waste plastic into oil. Moreover, if this device runs for an hour it takes about 1KWh of electricity toproduce each litre of oil. Since one litre oil is equivalent to 11 KWhof electricity, the process itself consumes up to 9% the energy that is contained in the resulting product thus giving a scope for furtherdevelopment and giving birth to the idea of the Plastikoleum tower.

Plastikoleum tower uses solar energy to convert tons of wasteplastic into oil. This tower adopts the same process, except thatinstead of using the heat to create steam for turbine electricitygeneration, it is used to create oil from plastic waste. While mostsolar towers are generally sized at around 20MW capacity, thePlastikoleum Tower is rated at 10MW. At 10 tons per hour capacity thesetowers could produce around 60 barrels of oil every hour.

At this level of production, the concept could put a nice dent inthe millions of tons of plastic waste that is discarded every year andwould otherwise end up completely unused in landfills. Moreover, thetechnology can help educate people about waste management.

Via: Land Art Generator


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