Pistachio Plant Solar Installation Complete in California 0


The Wasco, California-based pistachio processing plant now has a 1.1-megawatt (MW) solar energy system to power its operations thanks to Cenergy Power, a Californiacommercial solar developer that will provide a decade of operations andsystem maintenance.

Located in California’s fertile Central Valley, Primex Farms is anenvironmental leader in the agricultural sector. According to CEO ofPrimex Farms, Ali Amin, installing a solar energy system — andpartnering with Cenergy — was the next logical step:

“Being the first in our industry to recycle solid wasteand water at our Wasco facility, the decision to go solar was a natural next step in our continuous endeavor to incorporate environmentally‘green’ concepts into our business. We chose Cenergy Power based ontheir integrated engineering expertise and strong reputation amongCentral Valley growers for delivering superior project economics andexcellent post-commissioning customer service.”

Construction of Primex’s solar power array began in early August. The solar panels are spread out over carports, open roofs and ground spacethroughout the facility. Together, the panels are expected to produce1.7 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of clean energy each year — roughlyequal to the annual demand of 150 typical American houses — and offsetover 40 million pounds of carbon dioxide over the next 20 years.

Pistachio Plant Solar Installation Complete in California

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