Pikes Peak: Lightning Strikes The Mountain 0


In a year of records for the 2013 Pikes Peak Hill Climb, Electric racers showed their mettle. Carlin Dunne took first place in 2 wheel competition riding the Lightning Zero to a ten minute finish. Nobuhiro “Monster” Tajima broke the ten minute barrier in the Monster sport EV. Mitsubishi outperformed expectations on the hill and heavy favorite Rod Millen in the Toyota EV had a tough day at 10:24.

While the headlines were dominated by the outstanding Peugot performance of 8:13, the Electrics set times that would have been records even 2 years back and finished in 4 of the top 16 slots. Carin Dunne riding 12 KW of bike flashed up the mountain on batteries that had been charged by a mobile solar array that the team brings with them. With 12 KWH in the batteries, Dunne had plenty of power left in reserve as he came into the winners circle.

Lighting Motorcycles will be selling a street legal version of the worlds fastest production motorcycle and is taking deposits now. While several writers had speculated that EVs might win the mountain this year, the electric teams showed their mettle and won the respect of all with their performances. Peugot surprised everyone with their converted racer and no doubt all the teams will be taking lessons from Peugot, but, many will be taking lessons from the electrics.

In what was a year of records, lets see what happens next year on the mountain.

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