The Perovskite Moment 0

The Silicon Solar PV industry has achieved miraculous cost reductions moving the cost per watt of PV down 100X in 35 years,
for which they have been rewarded with a enormous growth in the industry and consumer base.  Solar PV has moved from a niche
(serving calculators, watches, spacecraft, remote equipment) to being main stream on housing and offices.  However, new technologies
have always been considered as possibilities to alter the fundamental economics of the business. Organic Films, Dye Sensitive printing
have been considered front runners but the efficiency has always been low compared to PV making the Balance of Systems cost high.
Recent news in Perovskites may change that.  Perovskites are a low cost mineral able to
be mixed with dye sensitive films.  Recent demonstrations have hit 15 % efficiency which now becomes truly disruptive for
application in bulk PV.
While these are Laboratory breakthroughs, and it is typically 5-10 years before product moves out, we will no doubt see more results
from both Academic and Industrial labs over the next few years.  If this becomes the underlying technology, Perovskite PV may be
too cheap to meter.
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