Obama: Trusted More Than Romney On Energy Policy 0

Two major new polls show Americans favor President Obama’s energy policy to the approach outlined last week by the Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

President Obama’s energy policy emphasizes replacing fossil fuel subsidies with support for renewable energy, and calls for a national Clean Energy Standard. In contrast, one could describe Romney’s philosophy as a “fossil-fuels above all” policy.

When asked which candidate they trust to do a better job on energy, 49% of registered voters responding to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll picked Obama, while 41% picked Romney.

The gap was even bigger when all adult respondents were considered (not just registered voters): with a 49% to 37% lead for Obama.

The poll was conducted by telephone among 1,002 adults from August 22-25. The margin of error is plus or minus 4 points.

The results echo a separate poll by USA Today/Gallup released late last week, in which 53% of respondents indicated they thought Obama would do a better job of handling energy, versus 40% for Romney.

It should be noted that the USA Today poll, which covers 1,003 adults, was conducted on August 20-22, just before the full details of Romney’s energy policy were made public.

Certainly, there are many issues to be considered in a presidential election, but energy promises to be a major battleground given the success of renewables and other clean energy under Obama and the heavy-handed emphasis on coal and oil in Romney’s platform.

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