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On November 10, 2011, President Obama stood up for Americans and put the future of the planet ahead of Big Oil. Citing climate change President Obama sent the Keystone XL pipeline project back for review until at least 2013. The announcement is a reflection of the President’s commitment to clean energy.

The State Department will conduct a new review to consider the environmental impacts of the pipeline. The review will also factor the pipelines catastrophic impact on greenhouse gas emissions. State Department officials said they will analyze alternative routes for the pipeline and “environmental concerns, including climate change.” In all liklihood this will kill the pipeline project.

In August, 1,200 people chose to be arrested during a peaceful sit-in at the White House in protest over the pipeline. And last Sunday, as many as 15,000 Americans encircled the White House to tell President Obama to reject Keystone XL.

Obama’s decision shows what people can do when they work together for a common goal. Our message was clear and the President listened. This is a testament to the power of citizens to effectuate change. It was the hard work and determination of thousands of people that stalled the environmentally disastrous pipeline.

Most of all, President Obama should be given credit for having the courage to resist critics and heed the reasonable demands of the protestors.

Obama’s legislative agenda has been stymied by Republican obstructionism. Nonetheless he has worked hard to lead America into a cleaner energy future. In July, he proposed clean car standards that will cut vehicle carbon pollution in half, reduce our oil use by 3.1 million barrels per day by 2030, and create up to 150,000 American jobs. Early in November, the administration moved ahead with plans to limit carbon pollution from new power plants.

Despite resistance, the President is leading America towards a better future. The Sierra Club is asking people to take a moment to send a letter thanking President Obama for listening to the American people. To share your gratitude with the President click here.

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