NYS Public Service Commission Action Will Help Tenants, Low-Income Customers and Others Lacking Rooftop Access Go Solar 0

solar gardens
solar gardens
Community solar projects like this one in Boulder County, Colorado can help tenants, low-income people, and others without rooftop rights go solar.

For New Yorkers like me, who’ve wanted to put solar panels on their roofs but found it wasn’t feasible, there’s some excellent news, thanks to an effort NRDC and others helped initiate at the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC). Soon, we’ll be able to join the growing number of Americans who can participate in offsite solar projects, a/k/a community solar, solar gardens or shared solar. (The PSC’s announcement last week included five regulatory reforms that are part of Governor Cuomo’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” plan to improve New York’s energy system.)

Offsite solar (and other small-scale renewables) projects will bring to New Yorkers all the great benefits that clean energy has to offer—pollution-free power; new, good-paying jobs; significant cost-savings on electricity. These projects will be supported by residential and business customers alike and built sometimes on other people’s roofs, on brownfields, farmers’ fields, in industrial areas and, importantly, can serve as an asset to the electric grid, especially in the seriously overtaxed New York City area.


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