NRG Energy Exec Questions Why Solar Is the ‘Bad Boy’ 0

solar and utilities

solar and utilitiesIs there a way to integrate increasing amounts of rooftop solar, enabling customer choice and a cleaner grid, while ensuring that utilities are compensated for lost revenue?

It’s a question on the minds of many experts in the power sector. For Steve Corneli, senior vice president of sustainability, policy and strategy at NRG Energy, the answer is not to put up barriers for solar adoption by adding grid charges, in hopes that incentives might run out and rooftop solar will eventually go away.

“Our fundamental motivation is to think through a variance on [solar and utility] policies that will actually satisfy the regulators’ obligation to make sure the utilities get their cost back and rates are just and reasonable without acting like a tire-slasher or a roadblock,” said Corneli, in an interview on the sidelines of a Public Utility Fortnightly event last week in Washington, D.C.

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