November 20th: Occupy Rooftops with Solar Day 0

November 20 is Occupy Rooftops with Solar day.

From Kathmandu, Nepal to San Antonio, Texas, people around the world are coming together to Occupy Rooftops.

This new wave in the Occupy movement is being spearheaded by solar finance company Solar Mosaic and 20 other progressive companies and organizations to help people kickstart solar projects in their communities … on schools, non-profits, places of worship, etc.

Email a photo of your group in front of a building you want to be powered by solar, and they’ll help your group get started on a community solar project.

“The same big banks that crashed the economy continue to finance mega fossil fuel projects like the Tar Sands while charging renewable energy projects high interest rates. People across the world are tired of business as usual and want a new type of business, one that is created for and by the people. Solar is the fastest growing industry in America and now employs more people than both coal and steel production–it is the key to our economic recovery,” says Billy Parish, President of Solar Mosaic.

Solar Mosaic is unique online platform that allows anyone, anywhere to create and invest in community solar projects. Instead of financing solar installations through banks, which dramatically increase project costs because of their high lending rates, Solar Mosaic uses crowdfunding – an online peer-to-peer lending system that allows individuals to invest in solar projects in their communities. For as little as $100, investors can create local jobs, help a community center save money – and then get paid back.

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