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Many people cannot imagine purchasing cars that are yet to pass quality control or enjoying a meal at a restaurant that had to bribe a health inspector to ignore their poor standards. Nobody in their right mind would think of flying in an airplane that is yet to be inspected by professional engineers as it should. This is what has been happening in Green Business, leading to 90 percent of all certifications being bogus green business certificates in operation across the market. People would like to understand Green Businesses have been catered for beyond designing a logo with splendid graphics or soliciting for unseen certification from an online seller.

Public trust is slowly waning as FTC recent reviews cast doubts on the subject leading to severe scrutiny. The reason is mostly associated to the fact that there is hardly any proof of performance or any independent performance audit, meaning cheating is allowed and in some cases, cleverly encouraged.

The boldness of some businesses as well as huge corporations involved in manufacturing of bogus green business certificates is an insult to the general public. Most companies do not go for external reviews, meaning they talk of being very green after setting their own values. No review is carried out except corporate edict on a number of divisions that ends up being ignored at the end of the day. Just as FTC has come to learn that self-declared Green certificates depict unreliable practices.

Also, online programs lacking or hardly in need of performance standard or audit are devoid of merit. Around 90 percent of web based green certificates border on the line of well-concealed deceptions. A site guest has to go beyond the conspicuous, impressive and practical website and beyond the superbly done language if they will ever discover the green business certificate was achieved at a fee and/or online forms filling. At no time will there be an individual questioning or visiting the site or even evaluating its performance. The entire fiasco becomes a not so free ploy for bogus green business certificates.

Imagine a building inspector furnishing an occupancy permit without doing actual house inspection but relying on the builder’s word that the house and everything that makes it is fine. Rather that protect the new occupants against inferior walls and materials, bad wiring and toxic substance, the inspector simply received a bribe and gave the permit of occupancy. While this is criminal since it is bribery, the family will be living perpetually oblivious of danger. On the other hand, imagine a building inspector conducting a pest inspection,  the building wiring, electrical system, walls and toxic substances before issuing an occupancy permit. If the house is in order, you can be sure occupying it will be a pleasure and in case it has issues, the inspector will recommend repairs or renovations, thus protecting your family from eventual death or injury. That’s the way to go. (I had my building and pest inspection company from Brisbane verified before I hired them)

Dishonesty leads to lack of transparency since the business owner will be at pains to explain how the green certificate was got or how the facility earned it. In short, the owner cannot dare speak the truth since it is insulting and embarrassing to the public he or she would like to impress.

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