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In his January State of the State address, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an even greater commitment to clean energy during the next ten years.

Cuomo’s NY-Sun Initiative has already seen great success, and Cuomo is looking to build on that success to put New York at the top of the U.S. solar rankings. Here are the highlights of the NY-Sun Initiative:

  • Created in 2012, the initiative aims to build on the 300 MW of solar PV that’s already being installed in New York by developing 3,000 MW of solar in the next ten years. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, that much solar will be able to power 465,000 New York homes, cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2.3 million tons annually, and create 13,000 new solar jobs.

  • A new program under the NY-Sun Initiative is “K-Solar,” which will seek to use the state’s 5,000 schools as “demonstration hubs” to encourage the development of solar energy projects in those schools’ surrounding neighborhoods.

  • New York is also planning to give away $40 million in prize money to community microgrid projects that will hopefully bolster the state’s storm resilience during disaster events such as Hurricane Sandy. The prizes are part of New York’s larger $17 billion storm preparedness plan that Cuomo unveiled earlier this year.

  • Two featured solar energy projects in New York have broken records for the largest solar panel installations in New York City and New York State, respectively.

    • The 1.6 MW solar array installed atop a Hunts Point Jetro Cash and Carry, a Queens-based grocery supplier, features 4,760 solar panels that will offset more than 1,212 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

    • The 32 MW Long Island Solar Farm is part of the largest solar energy project in the state of New York, the largest PV array in the eastern U.S., and one of the largest installations in the country on federal property.

New York currently ranks 12th in the country for installed solar capacity, but that number will surely jump as the NY-Sun Initiative gets under way.

Aven Satre-Meloy graduated from Santa Clara University with a B.S. in political science and environmental studies. He joined Mosaic last summer as a Communications Fellow and has been part of the blog team ever since, writing about clean energy and designing many of the infographics on Mosaic’s blog. Aven is currently teaching English in Turkey, which has a rapidly growing renewable energy program. A Montana native, Aven is especially interested in how renewable energy can create sustainable growth in the developing world.

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