New Jersey Warehouse Unveils Massive Rooftop Solar Project 0

This New Jersey solar project is the largest rooftop solar range in the country and prides on a huge twenty five acres of nine MW solar panels on its rooftop. Solar power had been hit hard by the economic recession and the growing supply of cheap natural gas, but once the Holt family, who owns the warehouses, learned that installing the solar rooftops will help them make money in the long term, they, with the help of the state acclaim for the green energy projects, converted their waste rooftops into a boon for the country’s finances. Though it cost $42 million for the installation; it will save up energy bills to a great extent. These solar panels are expected to eliminate tons and tons of carbon dioxide and generate close to eighty percent of the power needs of the warehouse.

New Jersey has become a national leader in developing renewable energy, by investing in this solar project. Even though the investors are not spending as freely on solar projects right now, its future potential for investment seems lucrative. About half of the states across the world have clean energy policies that promote the same. A dire need for clean and green energy motivates such projects to happen, one of which has changed the future of America.

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