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sunshot catalyst

sunshot catalystLimitless solar energy is practically right at our fingertips, and yet the US is still hovering right around the 1% mark when it comes to harvesting all those riches. The other 99% could come around sooner rather than later thanks to a new solar energy “hackathon” hosted by the A-lister crowdsourcing platform Topcoder, from the company Appirio.

Along with our sister site Planetsave, we’ve been noting that despite the catastrophic dip in oil prices the cost of solar is still competitive in many markets, but for solar adoption to take off, a straightup advantage on rates is just the start. This new, unfamiliar technology has to be so easy to understand, easy to buy into, and easy to use, that it’s like switching from stovetop cooking to a microwave oven.

A-List Hackathon For Low Cost Solar

When we say A-list, we mean that Appirio’s Topcoder rounds up 700,000 of what it bills as the “world’s best problem-solving minds” for crowdsourcing projects, with a collective track record that includes Amazon Web Services, Cloud Foundry,, Heroku, HTML5, Ruby, and Java, along with Google, NASA, Starbucks, and Virgin America.


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