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Dear Solar Mosaic,

Congratulations on the official introduction of your innovative way to allow individuals to invest in rooftop solar projects for as little as $25 and receive a yield in the process that not only exceeds the current yield on the benchmark 10 year US Treasury by over a couple hundred basis points but also exceeds the dividend yields found on many blue chip stocks.

In the course of writing this blog I have come across a wide variety of solar financing mechanisms and I must say that your idea is pure genius.

I especially like how you are financing rooftop solar projects for things like affordable housing complexes and community centers that often lack the financial resources and access to capital to even consider going solar.

Having said that, I have a suggestion for a rooftop solar project you could help fund that would let millions of Americans who have probably never heard of Solar Mosaic discover how easy and profitable it can be to invest in solar energy through your company.

The photo you see above shows the roof of the Duck Commander headquarters in Louisiana which is where those guys from the Duck Dynasty reality television series make their famous duck calls.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Duck Dynasty is the A&E network’s most successful show ever with 6.5 million viewers tuning in to watch its recent season finale. As you can see from the Google Earth satellite screenshot above their roof is completely devoid of any solar panels.

So here is what I’m thinking….

Why don’t you contact Willie, Jase, Phil or my man Si and see if they would be cool with you raising the money needed to install a solar energy system on the roof of their building so they can start saving some serious money on their electric bills. In return for your generosity they will agree to select through a raffle or some sort of random drawing one of the investors in the Duck Dynasty rooftop solar project and take that person on a duck hunting trip followed by a dinner served up by Miss Kay.

Given the amount of people who watch this show and would gladly put up $25 or a lot more than that for a chance to go on a duck hunting trip with the Duck Dynasty cast and eat a Miss Kay home cooked meal this is a no brainer.

I can’t guarantee you that the Duck Dynasty guys would agree to this but I can guarantee you that if they do and help you raise awareness about it by simply mentioning it on their Twitter and Facebook pages it will set the record for the shortest amount of time it ever took you to fund a rooftop solar project.


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