My Open Letter To Rep. Cliff Stearns 0

Dear Congressman Stearns,

I imagine yesterday must have been a difficult day for you given that President Obama’s decision to try and do something crazy like make healthcare more affordable and more accessible for the average American was upheld by those darned activist judges on the Supreme Court.

But later it in the day your grey skies turned blue and like manna from heaven you found out that Abound Solar is going to file for bankruptcy and more Americans will soon be added to the ranks of the unemployed:

“We know why they went bankrupt. We warned them they would go bankrupt,” Congressman Cliff Stearns told reporters. “The larger question is why the administration was pursuing a green-energy policy in which companies are going bankrupt and wasting taxpayer money.”

I realize it is nearly impossible and not really that fair of me to try and interpret the emotion behind your statement but I get the sense that the news of Abound Solar’s imminent bankruptcy filing provided you with some pleasurable measure of vindication with respect to your ongoing criticism of the Obama administration’s renewable energy policies.

Having said that, I would like to try and answer the larger question you have asked and perhaps you can then answer a question I have. Deal?

Ok, I’m guessing the reason why the Obama administration is pursuing this whole green energy thing is that they are interested in 2 primary objectives. The first being national security, i.e. not being so dependent on other nations for our energy needs, especially those that just aren’t that into us (read: hostile). The second being environmental security, i.e. not leaving future generations with polluted air to breathe and polluted water to drink. Comprende amigo?

Now let me ask you a question and let’s for the sake of argument assume you are right and that the Obama administration is “wasting taxpayer money” by pursuing green-energy policies.

How is that any different, if the media stories are true, from taxpayer money being wasted on you because the FBI has to divert some of its precious and limited resources to investigate claims that you are trying to bribe your way into hanging on to your taxpayer paid for job?


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