Murrieta Solar Update

The city ofMurrieta has added 38 more rebates to its popular Murrieta Solar RebateProgram.  The city committed to 72, $1,000 rebates for approvedresidential solar installations (purchased systems, not PPAs or leases)in April 2010.   It originally settled on 72 rebates by taking theaverage annual solar installation in Murrieta over a 3-year period,which came out to 24 per year.

According to city representative, Brian Ambrose, “We assumed,especially in light of a horrible economy where residents had little/nochance of home equity loans, that we would have funding for the full 3years.  We were surprisingly mistaken.”

“We have now processed our 70th rebate.  Had we not had thecommitment of our City Council to continue this funding, the programwould be wrapping up now.  But I’m happy to announce we still have 40rebates in total to pay out (there are up to 10 being installed rightnow, but rebates are paid out on a first come/first paid process afterfinal inspection).  Fortunately, I am able to speak to many of theresidents that come in to drop off their paperwork for the rebate, and I can say that an overwhelming amount are highly satisfied with theirsystems and the company that installed them,” said Ambrose.

Mr. Ambrose will update residents on the program at the headquarters of HelioPower on August 3.  HelioPower is located on Jefferson Avenue in Murrieta.  The company is doing a series of educational sessions on “Smart Meters & Solar” to help homeowners understand the new digital meters being installed by utilities and the applicability of solar in the “smart grid” world.

For more information about the Murrieta Solar Rebate program, callthe city at (951) 304-CITY (2489) or HelioPower at 1.87.SOLAR.888.


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