Mobile Solar Power: Saving Money and Saving Lives 0

Interesting article here titled “Mobile Solar Power to Save Money and Save Lives”

…But note that Mobile Solar and Portable Solar are used almost interchangeably. In our world, there’s a BIG difference – Mobile Solar, such as provide by Pure Power and others, denotes commercial-grade or military-grade solar equipment that is capable of providing electricity for:

  • power tools on construction sites
  • project management trailers, including air conditioning
  • wardrobe, talent trailers, and catering – up to entire “base camps”
  • A/V systems for stages and bandstands
  • powering electric vehicles
  • powering schools or homes in remote villages
  • chilling of medicines for emergency first response or field hospitals.

“Portable solar” generally refers to solar backpacks and small unitsthat can be carried by one person and can power a laptop, cell phone orMP3 player.

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