Mitsubishi and the Future of Cars 0

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Mitsubishi has moved the needle on what a car is and can be.  Cars have been viewed as Transportation for people and products and
occasionally emergency housing for travelers and the destitute. Cars have been viewed as Art, as a reflection of lifestyle and personality,
even occasionally as art.  Mitsubishi is institutionalizing the idea as the car as Generator or home power source.

Mitsubishi had been working on this technology as a demonstration product prior to the Great Tohuko earthquake of 2011, and with the
national crisis, found themselves taking prototypes into the field for relief and emergency operations.  The success of these iMiEV
vehicles with the Power box adapter caused policy makers in Japan to take notice.

The Japanese government has urged Mitsubishi and Nissan to accelerate this technology for V2B, V2H, V2X and Mitsubishi is making this part
of their platform technology.  Where Mitsubishi had thought of this as a way to civilize camping, they discovered that this may change how
homes of the future are powered.

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