MIT’s Nocera Lab Creates Artificial Leaf 0


As researchers of MIT’s Nocera Lab, led by Dr. Daniel Nocera,claimed that they have successfully created a feasible artificial leafuniquely composed from inexpensive materials, it can be perceived as anigh revolutionary advancement made in the field of chemistry. Thefascinating development was announced at the National Meeting of theAmerican Chemical Society on March 27.

Basically contrived of silicon, electronic components and low-costchemical catalysts like cobalt and nickel for initiating reactions, this leaf can successfully utilize sunlight for “photosynthesis,” i.e. tobreak water into hydrogen and oxygen, which in effect can mostconveniently produce electricity. According to the lab’s observations,these playing card sized leaves have emanated a uniform output of powerfor 45 continuous hours, without any instability issues.

The next big step for the researchers would be to accentuate uponthe total efficiency and energy output of these ingeniously conceivedleaves. Once they are reliably composed enough to be manufactured in alarge scale, such “naturalistic” power generators can be optimally usedin a number of diverse hydrogen-based “green” technologies. A goodexample can be found in one of our previous articles.

Source: PopSci

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