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How would you like to turn the back of your smartphone into a screen as well? We already have plenty of models that have turned the entire front surface into a touchscreen and a patent from Microsoft has revealed that possibly one could see smartphones down the line, which have a display on the back as well. But Microsoft does not intend to convert the entire mobile into one giant screen that can be operated from both sides. In fact, the screen on the back will be just a display that will not still match the primary touchscreen in quality and features.

The display at the back will offer useful information, display updates, and most likely will act as an active ‘skin’ for your mobile. For instance, it could display the cover of the book that you are reading or information about what you are doing on the phone currently. It also will offer useful information like time, temperature, weather forecasts and maybe chance to see a text or two without actually replying. The idea here is to create an extension that will reduce your reliance on the primary screen and will act as a dynamic skin that offers great aesthetic value.

Of course, this by no means indicates that Microsoft is going to produce one of these anytime soon. You would need a secondary processor in place for this and even if the display is low power, it will still drain out the battery a bit faster. Current battery life is not all that great anyway and this could further quicken the frequency of the ‘low battery’ message. Not to mention how much more delicate the phone would become thanks to this additional screen.

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