Michael Jantzen’s Shade Tree Pavillion 0


The Hanging Shade Tree Pavilion is a public art proposal that incorporates trees into the steel support structure in a way that is not only celebratory, but also functional. The galvanized steel support frame is about 42 feet square, and 16 feet tall. It is anchored to a 50 foot square base of decomposed granite. Each of the deciduous ornamental pear shade trees are kept trimmed to a height of about 12 feet. These non-fruiting pear trees change the ways in with the entire structure looks throughout the year. In the winter the bare branches provide a stark contrast to the silver steel frame. In the spring the trees develop large white blossoms, thick green leaves in the summer, and turn to a bright yellow color in the fall. Even the falling leaves onto the base below, add to the ever changing natural aesthetic of the pavilion.
The Hanging Shade Tree Pavilion explores ways in which trees can be directly used as a shade canopy by elevating them above the ground plain onto the steel support structure, so visitors can walk under the trees that shade the space below. Each of the 16 trees are planted into self watering steel container, which form a symmetrical grid above the decomposed granite base. All of the trees are lit from underneath at night so that the Hanging Shade Tree Pavilion can also be enjoyed at night.

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