MEMC Goes Solar Vertical in Ontario $WFR

If you’re a manufacturer of solar products looking to capitalize on Ontario, Canada’s generous solar feed-in-tariiff, 60 percent of your materials have to be produced locally. 

If Sun Edison wants to develop solar projects in Ontario and get theirparent firm, MEMC’s silicon involved, they have to make modules in theprovince.

To that end, MEMC (WFR) just announced that it will start producingMEMC-branded solar panels through Flextronics (FLEX) in Ontario to serve the local market, starting in the second quarter of 2011.  Localcontent requirements are rising from 50 percent to 60 percent in 2011.  

Other firms setting up shop in Canada for this same purpose include Enphase building microinverters through Flextronics Canada and Siliken of Spain building PV modules locally.

"This initiative not only satisfies the domestic content requirementfor SunEdison, but also signals a significant long-term investment inthe Ontario solar market," said Carlos Domenech, President ofSunEdison.

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