Maui: The Sweet Spot for Electric Vehicles? 0

Chalk up Maui as the next hot spot for electric vehicle infrastructure. This month the Maui Electric Vehicle Alliance was launched with the support of the University of Hawaii Maui College, Hawaii State Energy Office, Honolulu Clean Cities from neighboring Oahu, and a host of other partners from government and business. With the help of a $300,000 from the US Department of Energy, the group’s goal is to design a plan to prep the island for large-scale EV use through increased EV infrastructure development. It’s an interesting case study into how to topple the chicken-and-the-egg scenario plaguing EVs: who’s going to pay for an electric car when there’s no infrastructure, and vice versa?

Maui, much like the rest of Hawaii (and any island, really) offers an interesting setting for EV use. Hawaii has the highest average fuel price in the nation, with a gallon of regular unleaded going for about $4.13 right now. That alone is enough to get people thinking about plug-in alternatives.

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