Khosla’s PV/Hot Water Startup Cogenra Unstealths

Cogenra (formerly known as Skywatch Energy), a Khosla Ventures-funded solarstartup is slowly coming out of stealth — urged on by their recent winof a $1.5 million California Solar Initiative (CSI) RD&D grant.   RD&D, oddly, stands for Research, Development, Deployment and Demonstration. 

Here is some of the text of the Cogenra grant:

Cogenra Solar has developed, prototyped and validated the technical performance of an innovative concentrating photovoltaic/thermal co-generationtechnology and will conduct an 80-kW demonstration at the Sonoma Wine Company. For this project, the field performance of the system will be measuredand used to refine economic and financing models and optimization overmultiple tariff structures. This project will also look at modifying the co-generation system so that it can support tri-generation ofelectricity, heating and cooling, expanding the market to includecommercial sites that require cooling and lower amounts of hot water.Additionally, Cogenra Solar will modify the system to provide energystorage for use during peak demand and coordination with Pacific Gas and Electric on grid integration.

The startup has received $10.5 million from Khosla Ventures.

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