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The 2014 National Solar Jobs Census suggests that the number of solar industry jobs his growing at a rate 20 times greater than the rest of the U.S. economy. If industry bean-counters were to take similar stock of the number of solar news outlets and articles flooding into the media market, results would run parallel—there is an extremely high demand for quality solar news writing and that demand is only growing.

How does a young writer break into the world of renewable energy/solar journalism? The first step to good writing is good reading. Famous solar journalist Steven King is quoted as saying,

Submitting stories without first reading the market is like playing darts in a dark room—you might hit the target now and then, but you don’t deserve to.

At SolarFeeds, we believe in good reading as much as good writing, which is why the site is a mix of curated news and original content. The result is an optimally informed reader… and writer.

The SolarFeeds Journeyman program offers student journalists a unique learning opportunity and valuable distribution channel for their writing. More importantly, though, the Journeyman gains the hands-on, behind-the-scenes experience of working with a renewable energy news organization. Through a one-semester or on-going arrangement with SolarFeeds, the Journeyman will be introduced to the solar industry and its leading players, the online publishing process, social media strategy, search engine optimization, and more. A successful candidate will hone his or her writing through our editorial process—combined with real-world exposure to the internet’s best renewable energy writing.

About SolarFeeds: SolarFeeds is an 8-year-old solar news website with a strong industry reputation and a crew of social followers nearing 100,000. We are based in Oakland, California with writers contributing virtually from all corners of America and the world.

Apply to become a SolarFeeds Journeyman by completing the short form below. Someone will be in touch within three business days. Thank you for your interest!


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