Jam To Your iPhone with the Cardboard-Constructed Berlin Boombox 0

Vinyl record players, Sony Walkmans that use cassettes and giant Boombox on someone’s shoulder are images of the past. While the records lost their relevance with the advent of tapes, the Boombox lost its place to the now obsolete Walkmans with cassettes. And while there are some who still use the Boombox, carrying it around on your shoulder is no longer the ‘in-thing’. But if you want to get one of these for your iPod or iPhone or any other MP3 player and stream your playlist at your next party then the Berlin Boombox is the most eco friendly option available.

Crated completely from cardboard by Studio Axel Pfaender all you need to do is pledge $50 on Kickstarter to ensure that you will be one of the first to get these. In an age where electronic waste is becoming one of the biggest landfill headaches, this Boombox crafted from biodegradable cardboard is a wonderful and welcome anomaly. And you need not have any doubts about how strong it is as it can take almost as much pressure as your normal Boombox.

The creators of the Berlin Boombox say that those interested can actually make it themselves and it is not very difficult to put together if you are an audiophile who knows his speakers. But since we are neither, we would much rather buy one for $50 than make one ourselves. (Add in the laziness factor as well) Seems like a lovely idea to bring the 80’s back in an eco-friendly fashion…

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