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Scientists at the New Energy Technologies, Inc. and NREL collaborated for developing New Energy’s SolarWindow (TM),will provide improved efficiency and overall performance for transporting electricity on glass windows.. Once fully developed, it is most likely to open new avenues for commercial production of newer products.

Electricity can be produced using the SolarWindow(TM) by layering and arranging ultra small and see through solar cells on a glass. These cells are interconnected with the help of an invisible grid like wiring system. Their arrangement has been done in a manner, which ensures that light is not obstructed and is absorbed efficiently for optimal production of electricity.

For efficient collection and transportation of electrons the invisible wiring system will prove rather beneficial. The system mitigates all the electric road blocks and allows unrestricted movement of electrons. This in turn prevents creation a low resistance highway for the electrons that reduce production of power.

The scientists demonstrated that with typical fluorescent lamps featuring in offices, the SolarWindow(TM) could outperform the current day solar energy producing methods by almost ten times. Besides this, they also displayed its ability to generate ‘voltage’ and ‘current’ for powering all sort of lighting and mechanical appliances. Surprisingly, they were able to successfully power the rotor blades of a small helicopter using just a single small size SolarWindow(TM) prototype.

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