Intel Leads in Renewable Energy Purchases $INTC

Intel, which became the largest purchaser of green power in the United States in the US in 2008 has publicly announced that it will seek to cover 85% of it’s US energy usage with renewable energy purchases.

This catapults them beyond the 2010 target they set, increasing thatnumber by 75%. According to the statement, the company has completednine solar electric installations in 4 US states and in Israel, totaling an estimated 3.8 million kilowatt hours of clean solar energy per year.

Adding to the accolades, the EPA recently named the computer chip maker as the largest voluntarypurchaser of green power in the US adding to the list of EPAdesignations that include the Green Power Leadership Award 2010, Partner of the Year 2008 and Partner of the Year 2009.

Intel has a long history of renewable energy activity and since 2001 hasinvested over $45 million in projects to improve energy efficiency,saving roughly 790 million kilowatt hours of energy. Additionally, their global investment division has invested more than $150 million inCleantech businesses.

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