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Here’s a neat infographic that presents these folks’ idea of the car of the future.  No doubt there are some good, futuristic ideas here that differentiate this thing from what we have now, but I don’t believe this is the direction we’ll be taking.

In particular, this follows the auto paradigm of the 20th Century: a big heavy and bulky box on four wheels.  I envision a wholesale shift in paradigm, where car ownership becomes far less prevalent, and is replaced in the main by a network of transportation solutions: mass transit, car sharing, ride sharing, e-bikes, ultra-small vehicles for urban commuting and package delivery, etc.

I also predict that, despite the stranglehold that the oil companies have on us, we will eventually break free.  The concept that the car depicted in the infographic runs on gasoline refined out of gooey, planet-killing tar sands seems absurd.

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