Infographic: Rising Sea Levels and Eroding Coastlines 0

It’s an indisputable fact that our climate is changing. Just recently, atmospheric C02 passed the symbolic milestone of 400 parts per metre (ppm) and the last few years have seen a blitz of freak-weather patterns resulting in disaster. But what will the consequences be of this drastic shift in our environment? First and foremost, sea-levels are expected to rise, with catastrophic results. Our infographic below breaks down the numbers; crunches the statistics and puts this possible future into layman’s terms. Some of it – like the claim that Venice may be as lost as Atlantis one hundred years from now – makes for shocking reading. Other parts, like the expected 2/3 decline in polar bear numbers by 2050, suggests we need to act now to save our future. However you look at it, the information in here is deeply troubling and needs to be seen.

Is it too late to turn the clock back? The projections in here may be frightening, but they’re not set in stone. We still have a chance to change our planet’s future for the better, and we need to grasp it. This infographic from VoucherCloud simply serves as a reminder – of the catastrophe awaiting us if we refuse to change course:

Rising Sea Levels Infograpic

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