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While the USGBC believes that LEED is helping save the world from environmental degradation and climate change, others may have a different view.

Many project managers, even if they are interested in sustainable design and resource efficient practices, shutter at the amount of additional paperwork that is required for actually achieving a LEED Certification.

The critics of LEED have been very vocal about how they feel that LEED disproportionately weighs different sustainability measures. The poster child for this has been the bike rack, which earns a project as many points as installing a host of water-efficient technologies, for example.

Many businesses recognize that energy costs reflect a serious expense on their company. Still, many are unaware of the potential savings that result from energy efficient technologies and practices and think that they will be counting one dollar at a time while they pay back the investment.

Unfortunately, society at large remains relatively in the dark about sustainability and certification programs like LEED. This is changing, but not quickly enough in many peoples’ opinions.

In actuality, the USGBC awards buildings with one of four LEED Certifications based on how many points they achieve in the rating system that applies to their project. The levels are Platinum, Gold, Silver and Certified.

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