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The supremacy of Tesla Roadster is all set to be challenged by its new rival, K1 Evelio, unveiled at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. It is a perfect combination of looks and brains. The first look at its pictures and you know why we say it is a visual delight. As far as the brains part of the Evelio is concerned, it is the latest entry is the segment of the fuel efficient vehicles and in fact it is in race to grab the first position soon.

Not many technical details about the car are available yet, but speculations reveal that its looks are based on the K-1 Attack Roadster. The body is made of fiberglass and the chassis is in the form of a tubular steel space frame. All smaller components left out are made from aluminum, ensuring its weight is kept within limits, but maybe take the cost a tad higher.

To make the car both fuel efficient and good to the environment, it has been integrated with an electric powertrain, featuring phosphate lithium ion battery. The specific charging time is not known, but what is known that it battery charge will last up to 100 to 150 miles. The top speed of the car stands at 90 miles in comparison to the Roadster as the latter carries only a single speed gear box. Although the top speed maybe a bit disappointing, but the fact that it will shoot from 0 to 60mph in just 3.2 seconds, sounds compensating.

The car as seen till date hold great promises for the future of super sports cars, but yet the company is still on a lookout for funds that will help it develop in the right direction.

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