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Everyone loves windows. It’s a make or break in many an apartment rental or sale. And it’s usually the case of “the more the better,” as we try to take in the light and the view and create this beautiful open feeling we all love.
What happens next is the moment it gets hot outside, the blinds and the curtains go down and stay down until October. Why? Those great big windows let in a huge amount of HEAT, blind us in the morning and cost us dearly in extra air conditioning bills.

You can tackle this problem very easily with window film.
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So, just a bit of a background on window films:
There are several types of window films: Decorative, Security, and Solar. Solar window film is transparent window tint installed on your existing windows. Some of the benefits include:
• Up to 70% heat-rejecting
• 99% UV protection
• Reduces glare
• Insulates your glass in the winter
• Reduces your A/C costs up to 30%
• Can be used for privacy
• Can be installed professionally or by yourself

If you’re renting and are worried about your landlord charging you for “modifications,” read on, we have the answer to this question and more in this post!

There are 3 ways to go about this window film business:
1. Go to HomeDepot and buy whatever they have
2. Shop online and buy just the film and install it yourself
3. Shop online and hire a company that will do the entire job for you

We tried Option 1 last summer and although we did see a dramatic reduction of the amount of heat entering the apartment, the film was completely faded when we took it off in September, so its life is only about 3-4 months. The installation was rather awkward requiring the use of a hairdryer to basically melt the film onto the window. We didn’t want to do this, so ended up affixing it to the inside of the window frame and when removed in September, the film was almost completely faded.

Needless to say, the tactic needs to change for this year. I did a bit of shopping around and found some great resources: is a great site for a DIY installation.
They sell professional grade metallized films, made by sputtering, not the PVC or Polyesther films found in your regular home improvement shops. These films last 5-7 years, and the metallized surface rejects up to 70% of heat.
Another great thing about this film is that in the unlikely event your landlord would want you to take the film off, you can. Just pick at the corner with a razor blade and pull it off.
The installation process is very simple as well, no hairdryer required!
All you need is:

• plastic utility knife – INCLUDED IN KIT
• quality installation squeegee – INCLUDED IN KIT
• plastic razor blade for removing stuck on dirt from the glass – INCLUDED IN KIT
• 32oz spray bottle with mild detergent
• some paper towel
• tape measure and a strait edge such as a ruler
The complete instructions are available on the website, but essentially all you have to do is cut a piece a bit bigger than your glass, pull release liner off, spray solution, put film on the window, squeegee out.

According to Tim from Window Films and More, a typical New York apartment would cost around $140 in film and will save approximately 10% on the cooling costs

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Next week we’ll go to the source in exploring Option 3 – hiring a company to do it all for you.

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