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Israel is aware that clean, alternative energy is the most secure solution for its energy needs. And with the huge amount of sunlight that shines on the Middle-Eastern country, the potential for the country to become a solar powerhouse is significant. managing editor Yishai Fleisger visited Arava Power in Kibbutz Ketura 31 miles north of Eilat in Southern Israel. He interviews Yosef Abramowitz, Arava Power’s president. Arava Power has built Israel’s first commercial solar field, which is also the first solar power farm array in the Middle East.

This solar field will soon be ramping up to 40 megawatts of power, which will be enough meet one third of the power needs of the city of Eilat. Eilat uses 120 megawatts at peak energy, the term used to describe the maximum amount of energy that a given place needs.

“Israeel could become the template for a transition from fossil fuels to solar energy,” Abramowitz said.

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