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Carbon dioxide might be getting close to the infamous 400 parts per million (ppm) but here at Mosaic we’re finding hope in what we’re calling the 800 investors per million. That’s the number of people who have invested in our largest solar project ever, a 487 kW installation on New Jersey’s famous Wildwoods boardwalk. These investors come from 42 states across the U.S. and hold a variety of ages, ranging from 18 to 86. They’re illustrated by the orange dots in the map above — a number that is growing rapidly as more investors join and take part in the Wildwoods solar project.

Learn more about the project and put your dot on the map here.

To us, this project symbolizes the true meaning of “people power.” As the map clearly illustrates, people from every corner of the country are coming together to finance this project. Many of these investors are in the 75% of the population who can’t go solar on their homes, either because their roofs aren’t right for solar or because they don’t own their homes. But through Mosaic, they can help create more clean solar energy for as little as $25 and earn an expected yield of 4.5% annually.

Imagine a network of solar projects in places where solar makes sense, financed by people all over the country who want to take part in the clean energy economy and earn steady returns. Wildwoods is just the beginning — this type of distributed generation is inevitable.

Mosaic’s model builds on a broader trend of democratization that can be found in the rise of the sharing economy, crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending platforms. Hotel chains and rental companies are seeing the end of business as usual when platforms like Airbnb and RelayRides allow anyone to rent out their room or car. No longer do aspiring musicians and novelists need a record company or publisher to give them their first big break when they can crowdfund their dream on Kickstarter. And with Lending Club and Prosper undercutting bank loans through peer lending, it’s becoming easier than ever to get out of credit card debt.


And now Mosaic is aiming to democratize the two biggest industries on earth: energy and finance. Nowhere is this democratization better seen than through the Wildwoods solar project. It’s the biggest project Mosaic has ever done and the one with the largest geographical reach.

Mosaic first began offering investments in the Wildwoods solar project in January with an initial $350,000 available during Phase I. As the largest project we’ve ever financed, we decided to split it up into bite-sized pieces. Phase II offered $247,000 and now we’ve just embarked on Phase III, which is available to any resident of California as well as accredited investors from across the country.

So if you believe in people power, join us at by putting your dot on the map today.

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