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Japan is one of the few bright lights for the solar industry this year, with its new aggressive feed-in law.

With developers rushing in, there’s room for innovation rather than the scrimping we’re seeing elsewhere.

One of the more interesting concepts are floating solar plants. A domestic home developer, West Holdings, plans to build 10 floating solar PV plants that add up to 20 megawatts (MW).

The first two, which will come online soon, are floating in a nature prereserve and a wetland. The company is looking for areas where it can build larger solar plants on water.

Over the next five years, Japan Mega Solar Co. (formed by West Holdings in June) plans to build 250 solar plants with a combined capacity of 500 MW.

Kyocera’s 70 MW solar plant, which is under construction, will jut out into Kagoshima Bay.

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  1. Obama’s energy policy is right. The world goes solar. Japan’s FiT in July is among the highest in the world. Japan’s FiT is shaking the solar market. Now, United States has the same options. New solutions will be showed in Japan. This is it!
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