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If you’re starting a new business or you own an already established business you could benefit greatly by investing in energy efficient LED signs. Every bit as customizable as neon but with many other advantages, lots of stores are choosing LEDsfor all of their sign and lighting needs. There has never been a better time to become environmentally conscious and make the move to becoming a green company, and the first step should be using LED lighting for your sign. Longer lasting than any of the alternatives LEDs do not have to be changed as frequently, saving the environment from a bombardment of used bulbs. If you’re considering going green with energy efficient LED signs read about all the great benefits below.

LED Signage – Better and Brighter than Neon

When it comes time to choose a sign for your storefront or business you’ll need to decide between going with neon or LED lighting. Not only is an LED sign ten percent less expensive than neon but it will burn brighter and longer than a comparative neon sign. LED signs like those from are clearer and are easier to read from far distances, making your brand more recognizable and easily identifiable from farther away than neon ones. If power is your thing you should know that LED signs use six to ten times less wattage than neon signs, which will save you a lot of money and clear your conscious if you like to leave your sign on overnight.

Cost Effective for their Entire Lifespan

As bulbs wind down their life they tend to burn harder, sucking up power as they die off. LEDs will use a consistent amount of power throughout their entire lifespan, and it will still use significantly less wattage than any other type of bulb. If you’re looking for a cost effective alternative for your sign then investing in LED is your only option. The savings on your energy bill will let the sign pay for itself over a short period of time and help cut down costs for your business.

Choose LEDs for All of your Lighting Needs

So you’ve already researched it and decided to go with LED lighting for your sign. The first thing that went through your mind was probably ‘why couldn’t I switch all my lights to LEDs?’ The fact is that you can, and very easily. LED lights aren’t just for the front of your store, they can be tweaked to replace all of your home and office lights as well. If you’re going to save on one light there’s no reason why you shouldn’t save on every one of them.

If you’re investing in a sign for your business make sure it will be as visible as possible by using LED lighting. LED is the lighting of the future and the sleek look afforded by it will make sure your business is modern and up to date and your consumers won’t see you as dated or out of touch. There has never been a better time to go green so kill two birds with one stone so make sure your next sign is an energy efficient LED sign.

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