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With Carbon emissions a primary contributor to the increasing problem of global warming, it’s time for us to look beyond fossil fuels as our primary source of fuel and energy. These days, businesses are waking up to more environmentally friendly, renewable alternatives to finite resources. It’s not just an environmental issue either, but a financial one, as a quick glance at an electricity provider comparison site will demonstrate that the rates are both affordable and competitive.

Of course, preserving the health of our planet is a responsibility we all share, but due to their size, businesses have the chance of being the biggest heroes as well as the risk of being the most reviled villains on the ecological stage. Decisions regarding electrical supply involve much larger scales and a switch to green energy by large businesses will have a significantly bigger impact than individuals choosing to rely on renewable energy. As people are waking up to environmental concerns, businesses are doing well to listen and follow suit.

The biggest barriers to adoption for big businesses appear to be cost and reliability; a company that relies on its electricity for example is understandably concerned about relying on solar power, particularly in places like the UK. However, the technology utilised for renewable resources has gotten far better in recent years, offering a much more reliable alternative than most people think. There are genuine financial benefits too, particularly in the long run – whilst installation costs may be high, the money the technology can save a business over a longer period of time can be potentially extremely high, again making it a viable option for business of all sizes.

This era provides an opportunity for companies to take the lead and make a decision to protect the planet we rely upon. We have a little time to get organised and find alternatives to burning fossil fuels, and those that take the lead will leave the others behind. Consumers too are becoming more ethically aware, and businesses should want to demonstrate their consideration for people and planet in how they go about their affairs. Signing up with a green energy company is a good first step to beginning to operate more sustainably, and keep our planet healthy. We have the technology now, all we need is people to make the right choice. The alternative is too awful to consider – the eventual cost of the planet we live on.

Sam is a green energy evangelist who is helping the UK change it’s relaince on fossil fuels. She works for, aiming to help businesses make the switch to renewable enrergy, why not see how much you can save? Photo by Eran Sandler

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