Ice Rink Installs Big Rooftop Solar Energy System in Maryland 0

Rockville Ice Rink

Just in time for hockey season, an ice rink in Rockville, Maryland is now home to one of the largest single rooftop solar energy systems in the entire state.

Its brand-new 701-kilowatt system was installed by Standard Solar, a solar installation company serving homes and businesses in Maryland,Washington, D.C., Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania. During adedication event yesterday, Standard Solar unveiled the new system andannounced that it will soon go live.

When it does, the Rockville Ice Rink’s new system will produce enough energy to account for 30 percent of the arena’s annual electricityconsumption — roughly enough to power 72 average-sized American homes. A large screen monitor inside the arena will enable visitors will be able to see how much energy the system is producing in real time.

Here’s Standard Solar CEO Tony Clifford:

“Having solar energy at the arena is literally a win-winfor everyone: the players, the arena managers and the environment. Notonly will the system help control electricity costs and reduce carbonemissions, but it will also ensure the rink’s future as a trainingground for aspiring hockey stars.”

Thanks to a number of state-sponsored initiatives, hockey playersaren’t the only ones who can benefit from installing solar panels inMaryland.

  • The state’s Solar Energy Grant Program offers a solar photovoltaic (PV) rebate of $0.50/watt and a $1,500solar water heating rebate for commercial, residential, non-profit andlocal government installations.
  • Maryland’s fledgling market for renewable energy credits (SRECs), meanwhile, means homeowners and businesses may sell the SRECs associated with their solar energy systems.
  • Maryland’s Clean Energy Production Tax Credit offers a production-based tax credit of $0.0085/kilowatt-hour (kWh) tothose installing larger PV systems of up to 20 megawatts on commercial,residential, multi-family residential and agricultural properties.

Add the 30 percent federal tax credit to the mix, and you begin tosee why the outlook continues to brighten for solar power in Maryland!

Ice Rink Installs Big Rooftop Solar Energy System in Maryland

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