How utilities are being affected by the California drought 0

drought's effect on utilities

drought's effect on utilitiesCalifornia Governor Jerry Brown made an announcement last week ordering California residents to conserve water, only days after his $1 billion emergency relief package. The drought is affecting many in the state — and utilities are learning to manage their resources.

Hydroelectric production is down due to the shortage of water, but it’s not the only obstacle utilities have to consider. According to the California Energy Commission (CEC), “The times when the highest intense energy water supply options are needed occur during multiyear droughts when surface water supplies are low and groundwater levels drop, requiring even more energy to pump each gallon of water. To compound the problem, reduced surface water supplies and snowpack in higher elevations are likely to reduce the availability of valuable hydroelectric supplies.”

Utilities are working to meet the needs of the customer, the CEC is working to make that an easy process for utilities.


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