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Solar photovoltaic panels offer a cost effective solution to heating for swimming pools of all sizes. The economic benefits of using solar photovoltaic cell panels are obvious in these days of rising energy costs. One of the great advantages offered by these solar panels is the absence of moving parts in the whole equipment that makes them less vulnerable for wear and tear and breakdown like other machinery. The photovoltaic panels require proper maintenance because they are subjected to wide variations of heating and cooling cycles and exposed to the open environment. In case the photovoltaic panels require repairs, here is the step by step guide to accomplish the task.

Difficulty level:


Time required:

3 to 4 hours approx.

It also depends on the number of leakage points and the overall condition of the solar photovoltaic panel. To get the unit in working condition may need one full day as the adhesive requires more than 8 hours for complete drying.

Resources required:

  • Solar panel repair kit
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Liquid glue for nails
  • Rubber plug
  • Threaded nylon bolt of quarter inch diameter
  • Razor blades


1. All electrical wires must be disconnected from the pool and the pool pump. You must drain all the water in the panels and allow it to completely dry. This is done by turning off pump and draining all water. You must wait for at least two hours to ensure that the panels are completely dry. Double check that you have disconnected the electrical connection as this is an important safety measure before attempting the repair. You must remember that because of wet ground surfaces working on swimming pools can cause electrocution if you are not careful about ensuring taking the power off. You must choose the repair kit depending on the brand and model of the solar panel, which makes working easy.

2: The leakage in the panels is due to the changes in the temperatures at the joints, especially if the sizes at the junction have dissimilar sizes. First, ensure that the area surrounding the point of leakage is thoroughly dry. You must then remove the dirt and grime covering the leakage spot with the application of small amount of alcohol. By the use of razor knife slit the leaking point at least one inch long. Then cut the section ensuring that no additional leakage is created.

3: A rubber repair piece is placed around the tube where the slit was made previously. You will find these rubber pieces needed to fit the size of the panel tubes in the repair kit. You will also be provided with nail like tool which is needed to insert the rubber piece into the tube easily. For example, Fafco kit will give you a tool to push a tapered plug inside the tube. Give additional support with the help of nail solution applied at the ends so that the leakage does not occur in this spot. After this operation allow the glue to harden overnight. Only then allow the water to be refilled and the solar photovoltaic panel given in operating condition.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Can the job of fixing the leakage of photovoltaic panels be accomplished without specialized training?

A: Yes. It is possible to repair the leaks of the panels easily as it the task is moderately easy and can be done by following the step by step instructions.

Q: What are the safety precautions to be taken while repairing the photovoltaic panel?

A: You have to disconnect all the power lines connected to the pump and solar panel as electrocution is the major risk if proper care is not taken.

Quick Tips:

  • Some common maintenance routines if done periodically will go a long way in keeping the photovoltaic panels in good condition.
  • Periodically, you must check for any small leakages on the panels.
  • You can observe some water in the gutters or the face of panels that indicates some leakage points.
  • The stainless hose clamps must be tightened periodically as these hoses tend to get loose due to repeated expansion and contraction.
  • Look for any broken straps that secure the solar panels to the roof. They will hold the panel in proper level without build up of stress on the tubes.

Things to watch out for:

A constant watch on the condition of photovoltaic panel will make you to attend the problems quite early and also prevent future deterioration. If it is required, the steps enumerated above must be followed to easily repair your panel and get it in working condition to give long years of service.

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